Authorized Representative for Philippines
Contact us at:  +63 (2) 6660025, +63 (939) 9246979
ELTECHS E&C CORP. is the authorized exclusive ETAP distributor in the Philippines for Operation Technology, Inc., the developer of ETAP products.
Eltechs E&C Corporation
Eltechs E&C Corp. was incorporated in 2006.
The company is a local distributor of specialized electrical software and hardware tools for engineering, industrial, generation. transmission, distribution, commercial and educational institute firms.
The company aims toward safety, cost and energy saving measures that answer the needs of everyone through effective engineering evaluation and analysis.
Through the affiliation and good relationship with international companies, excellent work satisfaction is guaranteed.
Office Address:
Vitug Bldg., A. Bonifacio St., San Nicolas Poblacion,
Concepcion, Tarlac 2316 Philippines

Phone       : +63 (2) 666-0025, +63 (45) 493-2114
Cellphone: +63 (939) 924-6979
Telefax      : +63 (45) 609-0011


SEC Registered Address:
#735 St. Jude Village, Alfonso
Concepcion, Tarlac, 2316 Philippines
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